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in Blogging - 06 Feb, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - one comment
5 Effective Tips to Write a Guest Post

Writing a guest post may be super easy. But it’s not too much easy now to write a guest post after Google Penguin updates. Google webspam team’s head Matt Cutts tells the story.

Guest blogging is one of the main sources of traffic to your website. But it’s not the place to do spamming. Most of the guest bloggers try to get backlinks from their guest posts. That’s why Google is penalizing this method.

Google is not only penalizing to the guest bloggers websites or blogs, but also the blogs where they are writing guest posts. So many blogs have turned off the feature to write a guest post.

Few blogs don’t disable the feature so you can write a guest post there. But you must have to follow Google’s rules to do that. Here in this post, I am going to show some valuable tips for you to write your guest post by following Google’s law.

A list on how to write a guest post

•    Write Original Content:

Writing original content is now the main factor for guest blogging. Do not spin a content using a content spinner to publish a single post on different blogs. Be unique and creative every time on every blog to write a guest post.

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Google really hates same content everywhere. If you post the same content on many blogs, Google definitely marks this as spam. So do not do this. Write original and unique content for every blog you are contributing. This will give you a value and Google will mark your content as good.

•    Write Large and Quality Content:

Write large content to prove your blogging power. Writing a 300-400 word’s article is okay. But it won’t be approved by most of the blogs. You should write more than 500-700 words per post.

Google also respect quality contents to give ranks. Quality content is a king of a blog or website. Structure your content beautifully and use proper information for your audience. If you can make your audience happy, Google will also be happy.

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•    Use Proper Graphical Content:

Do not only write thousands of words, use proper graphical content within your post. Uses of infographics are increasing terrifically. You can use an infographic within your post.

While using a graphical content or image, you must have to make sure that, the image you are using is not a copyright material. Google will neglect you if you use a copyrighted content.

•    Link to similar content:

Suppose you wrote a post on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and you are providing an external link to the content related to fitness. Do you think the post will help you to get a backlink, traffic, and ranking? Never, this type of post will be marked as spam and you will lose your rank as well as traffic.

Link a similar content within your guest post to get all advantages from there. Readers will obviously go through the link and both of you will be benefited.

•    Do not link more:

If you write a post of 600 words, use only one external link to your website. Otherwise, Google will put you in the penalty. Guest posts having too many external links often mark as spam. The author of the blog where you are submitting the post will not approve your post with more external links.

These tips will obviously help you to get benefits from a guest post. If you think I missed anything, you are welcome to leave a comment. You can also write for GetLap. We all are waiting to hear from you.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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