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in Blogging - 22 Jul, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 15 comments
How to write a strong Title for your blog post

Write a great and strong title for your blog post to get more visitors to your blog. Make your title clickable to get more clicks from social media and search engines. This is also a great way to get more engagements.

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Suppose you search something on Google. You get many results on your search query. Which one you see first? Ask yourself. You must click on a great and strong title from the search results.

A title represents the whole blog post. So you must have to be careful to write it. A study says that, 8 people out of 10 read title and only 2 people read the rest of your blog post on average [copyblogger].

 Title Length:

Title should not be long, keep it short. But do not make it too much short. A strong title should not be less than 30 and more than 55 characters. If you write less than 30 characters, it will not be impressive to people. And if you use more than 55 characters, it won’t be good for Search Engine Optimization.


Use Appropriate Words:

I research on using words in title to make it stronger. I find few steps these are given bellow –

Use Appropriate Words for your Title

  • Common Words:

Use at least 20% common words into your title. These words help you to create the basic structure of your blog post title. I can show you a, for, to, in, the etc. as example.

  • Uncommon Words:

A great and strong title should have 10 to 15% uncommon words. These words can improve your title’s uniqueness. But you should have to be careful to use these. Try to use uncommon words related to your blog post.

  • Emotional Words:

You can emotionally hit your readers by using emotional words into your title. This is the great way to get more clicks from social media and search engines. You may use 20% emotional words such as strong, how to etc.

  • Power Words:

Do you want to make your post title stronger than others? Use at least one power word into your title. You may call it as trigger word. This word can drive more traffic to your blog post.

  • Lists:

Use list words to give a clear idea to readers. You can use the list of ways, tips, tricks, ideas, methods and secrets. Write something like, “10 amazing ideas to start your business”. This title tells that, your post has a list of 10 ideas to start a business.

  • Sexy Words:

Make your title lovely by using sexy words. Use one word that can impress people to read your post. There are lots of words you may use to make your title sexy. You may use positive or negative words. If you use negative word, make sure that it won’t make your title negative. Use it just for fun. You may use – brilliant, wonderful, kick ass etc.

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Optimize for SEO:

Your words have been selected. Now you should try to optimize your title for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I don’t recommend it for titles. It can improve your search ranking.

You may ask, why I don’t recommend it. Listen, you must have to use keywords within the title to optimize it. Most of the times, keywords can decrease your titles strength. In this way, you will get search ranking but may get less clicks.

Use Title Analyzer Tools:

After writing your title, analyze it using online title analyzer tools. These tools will help you to improve your title to get more clicks. You can use CoSchedule headline analyzer or Advance Marketing Institute headline analyzer. You can also get more online title analyzer tools by Google search.


Writing a strong title is the first key to how to write an impressive blog post. When you share your post in social media, people mainly get post titles. If people get a title interesting, they click to read the full content. So, if you can write a great title, you will be a successful blogger.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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  • Emily //16 Oct 2015

    I hate it when people write titles that have nothing to do with the post. Strong or weak, at least be ethical, that’s my POV.

    • Quamarul I Manna //16 Oct 2015

      You are right Emily. Titles should be ethical. But I think it should also be strong to keep people engaged.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Kakalina //16 Oct 2015

    Blog post title is very important.
    For SEO purpose especially.

  • pamela //17 Oct 2015

    nice. Good to know about this

  • Miera Nadhirah //17 Oct 2015

    This is pretty good stuff…. very educating and eye opening… thanks for sharing it

  • cindyrina //17 Oct 2015

    very informative. At least now i learn something.

  • Sharon Lee //17 Oct 2015

    Thanks for the info! I prefer straight forward title as people might get more easy to search for it =D hehe

  • Cecilia //17 Oct 2015

    This is a very good information to write a strong title. Thank you for the sharing!

  • arisa //18 Oct 2015

    great tips! Will apply this tips to my blog near future 🙂

  • Anfieldyee //18 Oct 2015

    I’m well aware the importance of it but I’m still struggling with SEO tho.

    • Quamarul I Manna //18 Oct 2015

      Anfieldyee, You have to do SEO to improve your search ranking. But I don’t recommend it. Because, you must have to use keywords within the title to optimize it. Most of the times, keywords can decrease your titles strength. In this way, you will get search ranking but may get less clicks.

  • Isaac Tan //18 Oct 2015

    this is very good information, thanks for sharing.

    I have been doing minor tweak all the time on my site, with titles that try to hit SEO, but i guess I should be tweaking the title to hit what readers like instead. Looking forward to read more tips here. thanks

  • TravelThirstyLynn //25 Oct 2015

    I sucks at doing SEO. I’ve read again and again on how to write titles, but I’m just not the straight-forward kind of girl you know? I have a tendency to want to pour my heart out to readers and that’s not really a good thing. Thanks for the break down and I’ll keep reading to see what I can learn! 😀