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in Blogging - 06 Jul, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 9 comments
How to Write an Impressive Blog Post

How do I write a blog post? What’s the best way? – Someone asked me few days back. So I’ve planned to write this post. Creating an impressive and perfect blog post can give you three things – popularity, traffic and money. If you ask me, how to make money from blogging? My answer will be, write a great blog post.

You can build a blog, write anything as you want. But it can’t give you tons of traffic and lots of money. So you must follow few steps to be a gainer. These steps are pretty simple and easy. Read out the whole article carefully, think about the steps and start writing. No more time to waste. Let’s get started to know the steps.

Great Planning:

All things in this world are creating and maintaining on plans. Listen, Mark Zuckerberg had a plan. What is the result? He is now the owner of the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. There are many examples. But I’m not going to show more examples right now. I think it’s clear to you that, you must have to make a plan to write your blog post. Few things are included into this step.

  • Understand your audience to select a topic:

First of all, you have to select a topic to write. You must have to understand you audience to select this. Of course you should have knowledge and interest on the topic. Because if you don’t have interest on the topic you selected, you will not write nicely. So your audience will not be impressed by your post and they will not visit your blog again.

Suppose, if your audience wants to know how to make money from blogging. You don’t need to show them how to start a small business. You should tell them about blogging, writing posts, ways to make money from a blog and this type of things.

  • Think and make an outline:

Impressive blog posts are not like “do or die”. First you have to create a way to do, and then you can do. So, after selecting a topic, now get ready to make an outline. An outline can be a template where your thoughts will be included.

Think and Make Your Outline

Suppose you have planned to write about social networking websites. Write the main points first such as –

  • Introduction of you post.
  • What is social networking websites?
  • How these sites work?
  • Usefulness of social networking websites.
  • Disadvantages of social networking websites.
  • A list of top social networking websites.
  • Conclusion

This is a simple pattern of an outline. Your outline can be stronger than this one.

  • Research on your topic:

If a man tells you that, he knows everything. Will you believe him? The answer should be no. A man cannot know everything. It’s quite impossible. I’m writing this post. Do you think that I know everything? No, I don’t. I think you are same as others. You are not a super human. So what should you do now? Do research on your topic that you selected to write.

You can search on Google for your topic. Then collect information from various websites especially news portals, government websites, research papers etc. This research will help you to write a powerful blog post with strong information.

Start Writing:

You have already made a plan to write. Now it’s time to start writing. This step is also divided into few things.

  • Write a catchy title:

A great title can make your blog post important to your audience. You have a name. Think it as a title. When someone call your name that means he is calling you. Make your post’s title like this.

Your title is such a thing that will be read and shared by your audience. So try to make your title catchy, short and meaningful.

  • Write an awesome intro:

After reading the title, audience will read the intro first. If a reader gets the title and introduction great, he will read the rest of your post. Otherwise, he will leave you.

Your introduction should be the gist of your post. People can get an overview of your post by reading introduction. It won’t be informative but can be emotional, quotation, question or definition.

  • Main body of your post:

Now start writing the rest of your post. I call it as main body. Think that, you have a head, two eyes, two hands, two legs but you don’t have a body. How will you work? So, if your post doesn’t have a body, how will it work?

Try to make a fresh body for your post. Avoid unnecessary things and follow few tips to write good body content.

Let’s go back to the school, the classroom. Your teacher, who is a serious man, is teaching you. Do you like this way of teaching? Or you like someone who can teach you by telling stories, jokes and fun? I think you will like the second one. Your readers are same. They don’t like seriousness always. But you must have to write weighty things. So you should take a different way. You can tell them a story or a joke. Then try to tell them your purpose. This is the most powerful way to get lots of reader.

Use simple and short sentences. Do not use complex and hard to read sentences. Most of your audiences enjoy reading simple words and they avoid complexity.

This part of you blog post will be informative. So you should use reliable information. But don’t write all information in one place. Decorate these from paragraph to paragraph. Also explain information so that a reader can easily catch this.

Examples work as extra power on your blog post. Write something, provide information, explain your information then give an example. It will make your blog post complete. It will help a reader to understand your writings.

  • Write concluding paragraph:

Best Concluding Paragraph

This is the last part of your blog post. Here you can show your audience why your blog post is important. You can also show them the usefulness of your blog post. Do not repeat anything from above, because they have already read it. You can give them a chance to think about your post. Give them a chance to use your blog post in real life.

Revision and correction:

You may call it as proofreading. When your writing will be completed, take a break. Take a cup of tea or coffee. Walk around your garden for 10 minutes. It will refresh your mind. Now having a fresh mood, start reading your blog post before publish, that means revise it. You may find errors, make them correct.

Revision and Correction, Proofreading,

This step is really important. You audience will not like a post full of errors. So be careful.

Use Proper Image and Graphical Content:

Your blog post is okay? Going to post now? Wait for a while. Did you select or create any graphical content? If didn’t, please use proper image or graphical content into your post.

A crow can stuck peacock’s feathers into his wings and tail. Does this make him a peacock? Do not use an image that is not similar to the post and try to tell reader that it’s the right picture. It can be as same as the crow.

Also use a picture of good resolution. Few of your readers may be attracted by great graphical contents. So do not take it as less important.

You have completed writing your first blog post that can impress your readers. Now publish it and get the three things I mentioned in my first paragraph. Yes. Popularity, tons of traffic and lots of money are not so far from you.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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