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in Blogging - 21 Nov, 2015
by Ivana Koprivica - 17 comments
How to write blog in successful manner

How to create blog? This is question which flies above us all the time. I can give you some good answers.

To write a blog in successful manner first we have to get together

  • Simplicity
  • Creativity
  • Unique words

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To get thorougher this things  into your blog you have to know what is blog for blogger. And next, what is blog need to be for reader.


  •  It is not just some writing and descriptions of the things.
  • It is exercise for future writer, it is passion.
  • When you start to write you can not stop.
  • Blog it is research in numerous spheres of life and some deary.
  • Writing of blog is the way of living.

Blog for reader is the resource of information.

These days people need to be informed in order to be successful in things which they do. They need to know everything and in fast way.

Writer have to respect reader and he would complete that if  he know to place information in order not to be rude.

Simplicity can be provided if we asked ourselves, are we complete in our explanation? Are our sentences complete?

In order to complete simplicity we have to start from the very own start of the things. For example if we talk about home decoration with feng shui we must first explain what is that? Every ‘why’ has its ‘because’. Furred we need to pay attention in our words. We have to find expressions which are reasonable enough for common people. Pick the words which are, in basic way, most propriety for that concept.

Creativity, how accomplish that?

I personally think that every person has creativity in him self.

But I also think that every writer has constant fear that is not good enough. We just need to provide not to be bored.


We have to listen what people of now days need. We have to learn and writer must read also.

We are athlete in race of life with now end. The finish of that race is reach the fastest time on every hundred meter.

To reach creativity we need to reach virtuosity with our expressions, vocabulary. For example imagine person who, talk about same movie every time when you see her and in same manner. That could be painful – bored.  We need to be part of now days. Predict the future time’s stuffs. Be part of the people, be present in their friendships, talk with them.

My first thing, in time when I write is clear information. In second is art. I could not imagine my self not to pay attention in beauty around me, in me and in my way of write. Often I put my self in place of a reader and ask my self do I really want to read just simple themes and explanations. Am I unique one?

The third part as you see in blog can be accomplish with ‘not listen’. Yes, it is little a bit funny, but it is like that. I want you to enjoy while you are reading about some theme like me when I write. I want you to reveal my secrets. I want you to understand me and to think. In that way writer and reader communicate with each other. And in that way is above mention respect for reader.

I am happy because I have been honest in every step of this post. I hope that I help you in your way to make your first blog.

Ivana Koprivica is a blogger. She's writing blog posts on several blogs. She is also a contributor of Get Lap.

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  • Kylie cre8tone //23 Nov 2015

    Thanks for the tips.. I think the most important things is still the content? I only read blogs with content of my interest.. 🙂

    • Ivana Koprivica //23 Nov 2015

      Yes, but beauty of writing, in that search for content which we want, can also provide us to read something else. Hm, new item for writing.

  • Miriam //23 Nov 2015

    Nice post and great tips to those who want to start blogging. So many blogs out there need better quality contents

  • Emily //23 Nov 2015

    Thank you for such a comprehensive guide. I’m going to see how I can tweak my blog writing.

  • FiSh //23 Nov 2015

    its true but not everyone knows the ‘art’ of blogging 🙂 lets work hard together~

  • Cheryn //23 Nov 2015

    For me I think main thing is consistency. Most bloggers who make it big have consistency blogging. And of course, connections, which can be build or cultivated, but you must be active to do so.

  • sherry //23 Nov 2015

    thanks for sharing this, I wanna write to be successful. Still learning and shall try my best.

  • Renae Teo //23 Nov 2015

    Thank you for those interesting tips! As a writer myself, all these comes in really handy 🙂

  • Sin Yee //23 Nov 2015

    Thanks for sharing. It looks simple but consume a lot of tume to learn

  • Miera Nadhirah //24 Nov 2015

    Being a blogger, I realise I have a lot to learn a lot to improve… I am still learning and this is good tips…

  • Isaac Tan //24 Nov 2015

    good advice here on how to write a blog..

    i noticed in the comment section there is no way for us to leave our website. did you disable the option?

  • Sunshine Kelly //24 Nov 2015

    Thanks for the tips and information. Yes we have to write what people want to know or looking for.

  • Leona //25 Nov 2015

    great post, it’s something every blogger old and new and learn from. writing well is always better than simply writing.

    • Ivana Koprivica //25 Nov 2015

      I agree with you, why we write, because we like to write.

  • Quamarul Islam Manna //29 Nov 2015

    You are right. But I want to add few things.
    * You should research keywords
    * You should use and repeat keywords within the post to get search ranking
    * You should know what people want
    * You should use something within your blogpost that can engage your readers.

    • Ivana Koprivica //29 Nov 2015

      I except your post about last one suggestion i like to read about that.
      Thank you.

  • md sagor //18 Jul 2016

    I like this. It is beautifull side.