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in Career - 02 Aug, 2017
by Quamarul Islam Manna - no comments

This freelance career guide for those who don’t know how to become a good freelancer, how to get love from clients. If a client loves a freelancer, he/she will be successful. Credit: pixabay.com This is an experimental project. I’ll share my life experiences in this freelance career guide. You can let your clients love you in […]

in Career - 29 Jun, 2016
by Andy Bell - 2 comments

Having an established and well-paid job does not guarantee that a person is financially stable. In fact, stagnant wages and dissipating job security, many working people are still looking for a second job. The situation may aggravate particularly for those people who can’t leave their home because their raising their kids on their own. The […]

in Career - 24 May, 2016
by Karen R. Robinson - no comments

Technological development has resulted in radical changes in our modern society and the changes can be seen almost all fields. The field of education has also witnessed a lot of changes due to the technological growth. Online education system is an outcome of modern technological growth. In the present day, more and more schools, colleges […]

in Career - 16 Mar, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - one comment

Online career is now becoming the first choice by youngsters. It’s easy to build a strong future by working online. Getting freedom of working time and place are the main advantages of it. This post is dedicated to those people, who want to build their future online. Bellow, there are 10 facts to become successful […]

in Career - 20 Dec, 2015
by Alisha Alden - one comment

Surprisingly, world’s top study abroad destination, the United States of America, has less female contribution in major industries (science, technology, mathematics, and engineering) while the second most popular country, the United Kingdom, has about 13% of women in the major key positions. One would find CEOs, General Managers, and other positions filled by women in […]

in Career - 30 Nov, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 12 comments

Today’s job market is too much competitive. You must have to prove yourself to get a job. How do you prove yourself? That’s the question. We have to find out the answer. You are too much talent, that’s not the point to get a job. You must have to show your allrounder performance. You must […]