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in Career - 06 Oct, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 5 comments
Build a kick-ass IT Engineering career

Welcome back to Get Lap after a long break. In the mean time I was working with the Ministry of Education and Dutch Bangla Bank’s secondary stipend program. Today I’ve got time to write and start writing on IT engineering career.

IT engineering has a large number of opportunities now a days. Software engineering (one part of IT engineering) is listed number 1 in the best 12 Engineering jobs at CareerCast. Where, Civil engineering is at number 5. A software engineer can earn up to $90,000. Let’s see rest of the article to get a clear concept on IT Engineering.

IT engineering:

Look, IT has two characters. I refers to Information and T for Technology. And Engineering refers to a special knowledge to design, build, invent, research and maintain materials, structures and systems. So, what is IT Engineering? Special knowledge to invent, design, build, research and maintain Information Technology.

You can call it Computer Engineering. Actually there is no difference between IT Engineering and Computer Engineering. Yesterday, I asked my teacher Professor Engineer Dr. Abu Sayed Shikder about it. He told me, you wear uniform where a piece of cloth at the bottom. You can call it trouser or pant. These are same things. This is the example. Computer Engineering and IT engineering are basically same.

IT engineering in job market:

You can take courses in Software engineering, Hardware engineering, Computer Programming, Networking and so on. It doesn’t matter what course you are taking. You have to meet your employer’s needs for computer software, hardware and networking instruments.


An IT Engineer has continuous duty to develop and test computer software and troubleshoot and configure computer hardware. When an IT Engineer works for a company, he is responsible to provide innovative solutions for employer. He gets challenges with each opportunity.

Now, have a look to top 5 IT companies to work for –

  • Google is at number 1 position according to the list of Business Insider. It is the most popular search giant around the world.
  • You can also choice Facebook to work for. It is the biggest social networking website.
  • You can check out Apple also. They make computers, smartphones and so on.
  • Design software maker Adobe is at 4th You can also try this.
  • You can also try Nvidia. They make chips for video games, graphics and so on.

IT Persons:

Now, I’d like to write down 10 names who are expert in IT. This part of the article is to inspire you. Please have a look to the list published on Computer Weekly.

  1. Steve Jobs (co-founder and chief executive of Apple)
  2. Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of WWW)
  3. Bill Gates (joint founder of Microsoft)
  4. James Gosling (father of the Java programming language)
  5. Linus Torvalds (creator of the Linux operating system)
  6. Richard Stallman (founder of the GNU Project)
  7. Arthur C Clark (Space Odyssey writer)
  8. Ted Codd (builds business computer systems)
  9. Steve Shirley (founder of Xansa)
  10. Martha Lane Fox (founder of Lastminute.com)



The only disadvantage of IT engineering is stress. In this sector, an engineer needs to work under heavy pressure. Most of the time he needs to meet deadlines and lot of challenges. So it may not suitable for few people.

By reading this article, if you want to take preparation to become an IT engineer, please listen, you must have to love your computer. One of my teachers Prof. Engr. Albert Subir Mondal says that, love your computer as your girlfriend. If you can do this, you will be the winner.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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    It sector in engineering is a big platform for inhance the knowledge and execute theire knonwledge . create somthing inovative in life