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in Career - 02 Aug, 2017
by Quamarul Islam Manna - no comments
Freelance Career Guide: Why Clients Love Me

This freelance career guide for those who don’t know how to become a good freelancer, how to get love from clients. If a client loves a freelancer, he/she will be successful.

Freelance Career GuideCredit: pixabay.com

This is an experimental project. I’ll share my life experiences in this freelance career guide. You can let your clients love you in many ways. But these are my recommendations.


Yes! Communication is a must. A good communicator is also a good freelancer. This is the first condition for every freelancer. I always try to be as responsive as possible. If I go anywhere, I inform them. Even I inform them if I go offline for an hour. Recently one of my clients has mentioned my responsibilities in this respect. He didn’t get any freelancer like me in the past. This is my main weapon in this battlefield.

Show Your Hard Works:

I told you to show your hard works, not just tell them “I’m working hard” again and again. They don’t believe in your speech but works. My client assigned me into 3 tasks in a day. I completed all the tasks and asked him to check. After checking the completed tasks, he told me that he was really happy to get me in the team! This was really an inspirational sentence for me. 

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