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in Career - 16 Mar, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - one comment
10 Guaranteed Ways to Build a Successful Online Career

Online career is now becoming the first choice by youngsters. It’s easy to build a strong future by working online. Getting freedom of working time and place are the main advantages of it.

Online Career

This post is dedicated to those people, who want to build their future online. Bellow, there are 10 facts to become successful in this line.

Learning is the key to online career:

Yes, it is. If online career is locked, learning is its key to unlock it. If you don’t learn anything, what will you do online? Just a few tweets and status updates on Facebook!

At first, pick up a subject and learn it. Suppose you love to design graphical content. No problem, learn graphic designing. You’ll get lots of graphic designing jobs both online and offline.

Make sure you have gained advance knowledge. Basic knowledge will not give you a chance to perform well on any side.

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Create sample projects:

While you are learning, you must have to practice 3 times more. In the mean time, create and complete projects. These sample projects will help you to present yourself as an expert.

Look, I’ve told to create and complete projects. Most of the time I’ve seen that beginners start new projects to practice and they don’t complete that. It’s not good to do well in your online career.

Create a strong portfolio:

Well. You’ve created few eye-catching sample projects. Now it’s time to create your portfolio. You can create your portfolio site at a low cost even free. Use Blogger or WordPress to create your portfolio site easily.

A portfolio will tell all about you. So be careful while creating.

Do not hesitate to apply:

You are on the way to get a better opportunity for you online. Now find out the jobs according to your skills and apply. Do not hesitate if you have the skills required for the job.

While applying for a job, make sure you have read and understand the whole job post/circular carefully. Do not apply before understanding the job completely.

Good communication is a must:

You are all done. Now it’s time to work sincerely. By the way, your works are the only way to get a successful online career? No, definitely not. You must have to communicate effectively with your boss/client.

There is a lot of definition for good communication. However, you must have to respond fast to your boss is the main fact here. Email him/her, give him/her update news about your works, and tell him/her about your working hours and how you are working.

Show your dedication:

On the top, I’ve said learning is the key to an online career. And now I’m saying dedication is the key to getting success here.

Be dedicated to your works what are you doing. Look at the successful people; they are really dedicated to their works. Dedication is the main fact to become a gainer for both online and offline career.

Prepare yourself to meet deadlines:

Yeah! You must have to meet deadlines to work with international clients. 99% clients like to get their works done in time. Only 1% can consider about your failure to meet the deadline.

If you can’t meet deadlines, you’ll surely lose your job what you were doing. Your client will pick up another one at your position.

Write documentations:

It’s very good if you write documentations on your projects. It will help you to maintain your project nicely. And your client/boss will be happy to you.

Documentation will also help you to run similar projects in future. It will also impress you to find another job next time.

Do not try to get too many skills:

If you are not a multi-skilled man naturally, do not try to get a lot of skills to do everything. You won’t be able to do this. One person can’t do everything at a time. You have to choose one, two or three.

Recently one of my friends Razib Hossain requested me to teach him web development. I know he is a great graphic designer. The first time, I prohibit him to do this. He doesn’t observe. So what the result is? He tried for a month and failed. Then he tells me, you are right.

Keep yourself up to date:

The internet is always being updated. If you want to become a successful man in this line, you must have to keep yourself up to date. Otherwise, you will lose your position.

Every working day, keep one or half an hour to search news, press releases, and blog posts according to your skill. Learn new things every day. You will be permanent at your position.

This is an inspirational blog post. You can follow these facts. If you have any question or want to add any more facts with this list, write bellow within the comment box.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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    With the current number of online employees, is the online career still reliable?