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in Career - 20 Dec, 2015
by Alisha Alden - one comment
Scholarships for Women in the Man’s World

Surprisingly, world’s top study abroad destination, the United States of America, has less female contribution in major industries (science, technology, mathematics, and engineering) while the second most popular country, the United Kingdom, has about 13% of women in the major key positions.

One would find CEOs, General Managers, and other positions filled by women in the UK. In spite of the major development, the gender disparity continues. To eradicate it completely, universities offer funding opportunities and scholarships to study in UK for women who join courses in engineering and science, technology, and business (primarily considered for/by males).

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If you plan to walk on a different path from that of your other female friends, universities in the UK have the following viable options for you –

  1. London Business School offers a large number of MBA scholarships for women. These are the Forte Foundation grants (two honors at £20,000 each), a Citigroup grant (£10,000) and the Celia Atkin Avent grant (£20,000 for UK nationals just). There is likewise a Citigroup grant for the full time Masters in Finance (£10,000), two £10,000 grants for self-supported women on the official MBA, and a grant for women on the Sloan Fellowship MSc intended for experienced senior supervisors. The Sloan Scholarship for Women was honored interestingly in the year 2005 by Dr Eustina Musvoto, a Zimbabwean conceived structural designer.

  1. The London School of Economics has 12 grants for women, one and only of which is particularly for those learning at Masters Level: the Margaret Bennett Scholarship for North African Women considering law. For those on doctorate programs, there is the Metcalfe Studentship for Women which is interested in the individuals who have moved on from a UK college. Effective competitors register as an MPhil/PhD understudy to embrace research on a social, financial or modern issue and inclination is given to the individuals who ponder an issue bearing on the welfare of women. For full time students the base recompense is £1,000, and for part clocks its £500. Rivalry is solid – around 30 women apply every year, of which all things considered just two are fruitful. This year the most elevated recompense was £1,700.The LSE likewise has a £10,000 Laura Ashley Foundation PhD Scholarship for study in human studies, and an Olive Stone Memorial Scholarship for women students on either Masters or PhD law programs. This year one recompense was made of £8,000 and another of £1,000.

  1. Other recompenses only for women have a tendency to be managed by grant bodies as opposed to individual colleges, and are also equipped towards doctorate students. Take, for the sample, the British Federation of Women Graduates (BGWG). Established in 1907, the gathering is going conveyed 2000 flyers to advanced education organizations in the race up to their yearly honor rivalry which opened in December, 2005.

Other course-specific grants for women are –

  1. The Women in Engineering, Science and Technology Fund for STEM related education in Sheffield in the UK

  2. Women’s Engineering Society Awards for women studying engineering in the UK

  3. L’Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Fellowships for women in scientific fields in the UK

  4. Very Early Career Woman Physicist Prize for women pursuing Physics in the UK

Alisha Alden, a professional writer based in India, is presently working with one of India’s largest overseas education consultants The Chopras. She is passionate about the promoting education as a culture in India and believes that global education can change the face of the world.

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