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in Career - 30 Nov, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 12 comments
Smart Tips on How to Face an Interview

Today’s job market is too much competitive. You must have to prove yourself to get a job. How do you prove yourself? That’s the question. We have to find out the answer.

You are too much talent, that’s not the point to get a job. You must have to show your allrounder performance. You must have to become a combination of talent, smart and unique.

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Today I’m writing this post to give you tips on how to face an interview successfully. These tips have been taken from real life. So let’s start.

Prepare Yourself :

First of all, you must have to prepare yourself to face an interview. If you can prepare yourself nicely, then there is a chance to get success.

  • Study, study and study:

“The more you read, the more you learn” a well known proverb. Yes, that’s right. You must have to study more and more for the position you are going to face the interview. Keep every single point in your head so that you can answer any questions asked by questioner.

  • Know recent events:

Know recent events around the world. A questioner may ask you about an event. So you have to be prepared to face this type of questions. Suppose you are going to face an interview soon. Have a look on articles, news and social media to know every single line on recent Paris attack.

  • Study about the company/organization:

It will give you bonus opportunity if you can do study about the company or organization where you are going to face an interview. Know their background, history, working type, working area and so on. This will make you more confident.

  • Read Newspaper:

This is the morning tip of the day you are going to face an interview. Read news around you. You may be asked about fresh news in the interview board.

Get Ready :

You are prepared to face an interview. Now it’s time to get ready.

  • Dress up:

Dress yourself up formally. Do not wear informal dresses. You should not wear a tea-shirt while going to face an interview. Dress up as a gentleman. It will make you more impressive in the interview board.

  • Take certificates, papers and a pen:

Before going out, take your certificate and papers. Also take a pen. You may be asked to show your papers in the interview board. You may need to write something there, so you should have your own pen.

  • Reach earlier:

You should reach earlier to the place where you will face an interview. Look at around you within the building. It will release your pressure before facing the interview.

Face the interview :

  • Be gentle and polite:

Be gentle and polite while facing an interview. It should be started from the door. At the door, take permission to enter. Simply ask, may I come in? Wait till to get permission. Once you get permission, enter and have a seat slowly. Keep your files (included certificate and papers) on the table. Let’s start answering questions.

  • Answer smartly:

Yeah! You must have to introduce yourself smartly if you want to get a better opportunity. When questioners ask you, just answer it briefly and clearly. Do not try to describe if they don’t want. It is not good at all to answer a question for 2 minutes. It’s not smartness that how much you are telling for a single answer. Smartness is to answer clearly in few words or sentences.

  • Answer quickly:

Suppose, you ask someone that what is his/her hometown. He starts answering (!) after a minute. Do you like this? Obviously you do not. That is the reason why I wrote this point. Try to answer quickly. It will impress people to give you the opportunity.

  • Use common sense:

Use your common sense where needed. Suppose, questioner asked you that, there are 5 birds on a branch of a tree. A shooter shoots to a single bird. How many birds are currently staying on that branch? Write your answer in the comment.

Getting a better job is not easy today. I already mentioned it in the beginning. So you must have to try harder. Follow the steps declared above. If you think I’ve missed any step, please write it in the comment.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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  • Miriam //30 Nov 2015

    These are great tips before and during facing an interview! Following these tips will sure to increase our chances of getting employed.

  • Fish //30 Nov 2015

    it is not easy for first timers but i believe experiences do help alot 🙂 thanks for sharing

  • Syafiera Yamin //30 Nov 2015

    Thanks for the interview tips ! Ive tried several but somehow when I passed I didn’t go for the job huhu

  • Renae Teo //30 Nov 2015

    Thank you for tips! Will come in handy when I have to undergo for any interview in the future 🙂

  • Cheryn //30 Nov 2015

    Thanks for the tip! I have always been successful with my interviews. Now that I have started my own business, will use the info for interviews I make for new employees!

  • Sunshine Kelly //30 Nov 2015

    Thanks for the information and tips. I am sure many would have to learn how to face an interview.

  • Betty Liew //01 Dec 2015

    This is useful tips for people that looking for job especially fresh graduate. They need to well prepare before attend the interview.

  • Emily //01 Dec 2015

    Awesome tips for those of us attending interviews. No matter if we are in our first or tenth interview, we get nervous so this will help prepare us.

  • Nicholas Ng //01 Dec 2015

    This is helpful to people applying jobs, especially first timers.

  • Isaac Tan //02 Dec 2015

    what a good tip. Good luck to all those going for interviews!

  • Ivana Koprivica //09 Dec 2015

    The tips are good. But we should not sit slow or fast just sit normally and also we should not answering to fast it could made us nervous