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in Career - 22 Jun, 2015
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5 Work at Home Jobs for newbie specially female
  1. Online Tutor

Now a days, you have no need to go to your students to teach him/her. This is the age of internet, you can easily teach your student through internet. You can get many job posts on Upwork, Elance, Freelancer.com and more where the client need a tutor who can teach him/her or any other person through internet. The medium can be Skype, WebEx or anything else. The client can also ask to use TeamViewer if the subject is computer.


You must have skills and a lot of experience in a specific subject if you want to earn up to $16/hour. Sometimes clients may require Bachelor’s Degree to get teach online from you. You can also check InstaEDU.com, Tutor.com and GetEducated.com to get online tutor jobs.

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