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in Career - 22 Jun, 2015
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5 Work at Home Jobs for newbie specially female
  1. Web Researcher

This is a so simple and so easy job for newbie. You just need basic computer and internet skills to do this type of jobs. Ah, another important thing, you must have to know how to search on Google and other search engines. But most of the clients prefer Google to search things.


You can earn up to $10/hour if you have a computer and a fast and reliable internet connection. Get your first Web Researcher job at UpWork, Freelancer, Elance or FlexJobs.

I’ve wrote down only five types of work at home jobs here. These are not all. There are too many types for work at home jobs such as – Web Developer, Graphics Designer, Online Marketer, Social Media Marketer and more. I will try to write down about these topics also to show you how much you can earn working at home!

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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