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Online marketing
in Online marketing - 21 Jul, 2016
by Evans Walsh - one comment

Both brand marketers and customers love social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest because they are visual oriented and it is relatively easy to communicate with potential customers. It is scientifically established that the human brain can process visual information some 60,000 times faster than information in a textual form. Moreover, of all the information that […]

in Online marketing - 19 Feb, 2016
by Alex Omelchenko - 2 comments

Today, when 90% of the marketers are almost obsessed with creating quality content and building content marketing strategies, it has become vital to know some really basic notions for those who are still at the beginning on his or her way to success. Content marketing is sometimes contrasted to direct advertizing because of it nature […]

in Online marketing - 28 Jan, 2016
by Ashikur Rahman Abir - no comments

2015 has already gone. This is a new year, new methods for marketing your business. Read out the entire post to know about top marketing methods of 2016. Let’s start – Newspaper Advertisements: Newspaper Advertisement can boost your local sells. If you have an offline business, this method will help you lot. You can also […]

in Online marketing - 26 Nov, 2015
by Evie Coles - one comment

Many businesses rely on their website to bring clients to the products or services, by providing information on their services, giving samples on what they can offer potential customers, and providing an opportunity for visitors to contact the business to purchase their products or services. A key part of running a website is making sure […]