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in Online marketing - 28 Jan, 2016
by Ashikur Rahman Abir - no comments
10 Top Marketing Methods of 2016 for your Business

Marketing Methods of 20162015 has already gone. This is a new year, new methods for marketing your business. Read out the entire post to know about top marketing methods of 2016. Let’s start –

  1. Newspaper Advertisements:

Newspaper Advertisement can boost your local sells. If you have an offline business, this method will help you lot. You can also get customers to your online business. Just compose a strong advertisement and contact to newspaper to publish it.

Some newspapers offer design of your advertisement. You can let them do it for your business. But you’ve to be conscious about ad placement. If you have a business related to sports, you should place on sports page.

2. Television Advertisements:

Television Advertisement is in the 2nd place in marketing. Your 2016 can be your year of profit through television ads. Make TVC (Television Commercial) for both offline and online business. This method will give you a huge amount of customers.

3. Poster Advertisements:

This is some kind of old model of marketing strategies. But you can use this method to market your business in 2016. It will directly relate you with your customers. No media, such as newspaper, television, is needed for this kind of advertisement.

4. Social Promotions:

Marketing through social networking sites will beat all other strategies in 2016. Do you have a growing business? Market your business on social networks. That means promote your business on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

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5. Offer Free Service:

Offering free service is also a good marketing method. This kind will help you to grow your customer base in 2016.

Suppose, you have a business related to computers. Offer general troubleshooting for free. You’ll get lot of customers who will surely take your premium services in near future.

6. Offer Gifts:

If you buy more than $250, you’ll be gifted a pen drive. This is an example for offering gifts. You can offer a gift to your customers. You are definitely going to get more sells in 2016. Most of your customers really like to get a gift with a product, this is reality.

7. Press Release:

Press release will help you to spread your business among the people. You can use online press release service as well as offline. Both of the services will help you to grow your business in online or offline format.

8) Use Q&A service:

Q&A service is a great marketing method. There are a lot of Q&A services (known as Question and Answering Services) on the web. People also ask their questions on social networks. This can be your best choice in 2016 if you can use it properly.

Search Questions related to your business around the web. Answer these and let people know that you have a product related to this business. This kind of strategies will give you more new customers.

9) Blog Articles:

Writing articles about your business on blogs is a good marketing method all time. This method will help you in 2016 also. This kind will give your customers a clear view on your business.

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10. There is no 10th :

There is actually nothing in number 10th :). This is just list ending formality. But here is a sentence for you, ‘Use these methods properly, you’ll definitely get more customers in 2016’.

Ashikur Rahman Abir is a Freelance Writer, Social Media Marketer and Website Maintenance Expert. He is a moderator of GetLap.

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