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in Online marketing - 19 Feb, 2016
by Alex Omelchenko - 2 comments
What Content Marketing Actually Is – An Open Letter to Beginners

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Today, when 90% of the marketers are almost obsessed with creating quality content and building content marketing strategies, it has become vital to know some really basic notions for those who are still at the beginning on his or her way to success. Content marketing is sometimes contrasted to direct advertizing because of it nature and tactics. Some sources state content marketing is the future of online and offline advertising, others it is a different (effective) way to build brand strength alongside with traditional direct advertising.

What Content Marketing Actually Is

The idea of content marketing

Well, it is pretty simple – the whole idea is to build online authority but providing quality content to your potential clients under the flag of your brand, of course. Namely, you spread content people love and after they love what you share, they will love your brand and will be more likely to convert when choosing the vendor. In a nutshell: you earn while giving out things for free.

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The difference between content marketing and direct advertising

Direct advertising examples:

  • Showing your ads when somebody is searching for what you offer on search engines
  • Sending direct sales emails to people who might be (or might be not) interested in your offer
  • Doing SEO (search engine optimization) for the landing pages that feature you offer

Content marketing (inbound marketing) examples:

  • Providing interesting and important information in blog articles and whitepapers to help people learn more about the industry (e.g.: product reviews, case studies, etc.)
  • Video content: creating videos that do not speak about your product, but how it can be used with great benefits.
  • Organizing free of charge webinars and seminars. If you are selling SEO tools, for instance, providing SEO-related webinars/seminars might be a reasonable solution. The reason is pretty simple – SEOs use SEO tools, so build your SEO authority, why not?

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As you can see the core difference in the approach is as follows. With direct advertising you are there, exactly when the person is most likely to make a purchase, while as with content marketing you are always there. Is one of them better than the other one? It’s up to you, but I would choose both.

What you should know before you start content marketing

  • You can’t fool the consumer. If you are not truly in love with what you sell/offer and if you are not truly passionate about the content you create, then you will most likely fail. If you are selling CDs and writing album reviews then being a music pro is not enough, you should love it, or at listen to the album yourself.
  • Focus on quality. Do not ever rush into writing dozens of low quality articles and reviews. How many of those people who read them will love them? Remember, it’s not about number of views; it’s about love and knowledge you share and then get.
  • Stay always tuned and be creative. You, as a business owner or marketing strategist know for sure that the World Wide Web is full of content. This is why you must give a unique value. Don’t imitate! Learn, analyze then create!

I really hope that article gave you a good idea about the idea of content marketing and it inspired you for learning more about it. There is still a lot to learn and to test because content marketing is not only writing for your blog and making SEO-friendly. It is a hard work of analyzing your audience, research, creativity and, of course, advertising. If you have any ideas or questions, please share them in comments.

Alex is a digital marketing expert and a co-founder of ProfCopy, content writing firm. He is passionate about SEO, content marketing and also about his cat.

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  • Deynn //24 May 2016

    Before writing a content you must know who you are writing to in order to get their attention and build the relationship with your audience. Don’t just write because you want to sell your products but because you want to share a solution to their problem or make some jobs easier for them.

  • sabina jha //05 Aug 2016

    beneficial article