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in Online marketing - 21 Jul, 2016
by Evans Walsh - one comment
Instagram or Pinterest – What is Better for Business Marketing?

Both brand marketers and customers love social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest because they are visual oriented and it is relatively easy to communicate with potential customers. It is scientifically established that the human brain can process visual information some 60,000 times faster than information in a textual form. Moreover, of all the information that reaches the brain around 90% is in the form of images. While this is a great advantage for the visual media, marketers need to appreciate how to make the visual tools work to their advantage and this can be done when they appreciate the similarities and differences between Instagram and Pinterest.


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While both Instagram and Pinterest are social networking sites that are image-oriented and users can upload photographs and other visual content for other people to view, the difference really lies in how people use them. Instagram revolves around the concept of people contributing original content and sharing them, while Pinterest is about curating existing web content that you think others will be interested in. When selecting the social media platform, marketers need to understand what content resonates with the target audience and allows them to maximize their brand awareness, user engagement, and feedback so that their business can move forward.

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