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in Online marketing - 21 Jul, 2016
by Evans Walsh - one comment
Instagram or Pinterest – What is Better for Business Marketing?

Instagra or Pinterest


Instagram is all about sharing with other users a personal perspective or experience by way of clicking photographs and uploading them right from the user’s smartphone. Accordingly, brands wishing to have a presence on Instagram should be able to share content that gives their target audiences an authentic and interesting perspective of the business. A favorite ploy of businesses on Instagram is to encourage their customers to share photographs of how value has been added to them by the brand so that it resonates with other users who have the same nascent need. The number of Instagram likes is a good indicator of success.


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As opposed to this, Pinterest acts like a search engine that groups content already created by other users for niche audiences with the same interest. Users can search through Pinterest boards for content that specifically appeal to them. While the information need may be catered to, Pinterest lacks the personal experience that Instagram users can share with like-minded users.

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