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in Online marketing - 21 Jul, 2016
by Evans Walsh - one comment
Instagram or Pinterest – What is Better for Business Marketing?

Target Audience

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram for marketers is that males and females are almost equally represented. In fact, with around 70% of its users residing outside of the USA, it represents a wonderful opportunity for marketers with a global footprint to connect with customers. Also, marketers can easily engage the younger population as around two-thirds of Instagram’s user base is between 18 and 34 years of age.

On the other hand, marketers who do not sell items that ladies are interested in could pay the price of being present on Pinterest as over 70% of its users are women. Pinterest also stands out as the women are inclined to use the platform five times more than men; unarguably the biggest gender difference seen in any social media platform. Although 56% of its users are between 18 and 34 years of age the rest tend to be somewhat older than Instagram users.



Images are integral to both Instagram and Pinterest, both being visually-oriented social media applications. However, with Instagram, marketers have the ability to completely transform the aesthetics of the images by applying digital filters. This functionality is simply not available on Pinterest because users can only pin photos that are existing or at maximum change their own pictures in third-party applications before pinning them.

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Many marketers prefer using Instagram because it is easier to engage the attention of customers as the format is much more conversational. Marketers can encourage their customers to contribute both comments and feedback about their experience with the business or the product. This process drives customers closer to the brands. Pinterest fall woefully short in this department.



Marketers wanting to raise their brand awareness or drive sales will do well to put their efforts into creating content for their Instagram accounts, however, if the aim is to increase website traffic, Pinterest could give more value.

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