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in Smartphone - 20 Dec, 2015
by Ivana Koprivica - no comments
How to make money using smartphone app!

Dear housewife I have great news for you. Your walking trough whole day finally would be paid of. Are you realize that, while you go with your children on ice cream or in children’s nursery, or to school, you could earn money? Now that is more then possible.

Or if you have pet. The walk with it can be more then funny. As a matter of fact, you could bye one smartphone for it and made it financial independent. It is little a bit funny but it is true.

This app would be useful also for one who likes to jogging and everyone who likes to be in move and who is in move.

This is story about Bitwalking, app for smart phones which is made to improve social health and in order to make people to be in move more. Also this program could be very helpful in countries with low standard of life.  The idea of company is that earning money must be available to all in world.


In that way that Bitwalking convert every step into money. More you walk, more money you could have.  Money can be earned in more ways. For example: by going into your work by walking, or going on your favorite every day coffee. It does that with GPS technology. Bitwalking dollars could be spent only in online shops, but you could transfer to everyone, or you could bye more money for it and sell it. The money made from Bitwalking also could be spent in Bitwalking online shop.

For one dollars you could make 10 000 steps. Which means that for one new iPhone in some online shop you have to walk with 1990000 steps. Do not be encourage, you just walk and run.

It has started in one school in Nairobi  from laptop sticker of seven $. Now it is part of interest  Japanese companies.

How you can sign in?

It is very easy. If you are walker and you think that you can provide enough steps to earn decent money from it you can register. If you decide to change your way of living and to reward your self for it you can also register. It just way of thinking.

Only what you need to do is:

  • provide your valid e mail
  • to wait for invitation

The providers send you invitation if  they decide that you move your self enough.

Bitwalking motivates, spreads mind of health living, makes people more engaged in communication with each other,

promote equals between people in seance of   more equal possibility to earn.

That is good things of Bitwalking app. But I am one from that people who like their own privates. So I do not like to live under someone’ s eye. But that is only my opinion. Which kind of people you are? Do you like to live with Big Brother?

Any way I hope that I help you with provide of this information. Maybe help you, with my idea, to get better your income.

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