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in Social Media - 05 Nov, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 10 comments
10 sexy Tactics to become popular in Social Media

Social Media is the main way to communicate with people nowadays. There is a life you can live within the virtual world. Today no one can think a life without social media.

Think about your existence within the society. You communicate with people, do social works, help others, try to become familiar among your social area and so on. Social media helps you to do all these all over the internet.

Today we are not going discuss about communication, social works and others on social media. We will learn top 10 tactics to become popular in social media acheter viagra avec paypal. So let’s start.

1)     Create an ideal profile

An ideal profile means a profile that contains all information about you. Where you should use your recent goodlooking photo, your full name (You can use pseudonym. But I don’t like it.), your bio and other elements. A great and eye-catching profile can be followed by a lot of people people.

2) Post regularly

Every social media has an option to post anything publicly, privately or among the friends and followers. You can write your thoughts about anything. But you should post on a regular basis. You must have to post quality contents so that your friends and followers can get a chance to do like or comment.

3) Follow popular people

Yes! This is in the third step. After creating a complete profile and posting some good contents, now it’s time to start following people you like. Suppose, if you are interested in technology, follow people who are famous within the tech world.

4) Start commenting

You’ve followed your favorite people who are popular. You will get that, they post regularly. You will also get that, a single piece of their posts has a lot of comments. Now start commenting on their post. But be careful about writing of your comment. Do not write just thanks for sharing, thank you and this type of comments. Write meaningful ideas those are similar to that post.

5) Join groups and communities

Most of the social media sites has a great feature to join groups and communities such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Join groups you are interested in. Suppose, you are an IT person. You should join IT related groups and communities. What benefit you get if you  join a recipe group?

6) Be helpful

You should become helpful to others. Suppose, one of your friends wants to know how he can control his social media profiles using his smartphone, you should help him if you know.

7) Do not share bad things

That’s the line – do not share bad things. There are lots of people who like bad contents but not so much people. If you think that, bad contents will make you popular, then you are wrong.

8) Do not spam

Spamming is a common annoying object within social media nowadays. There is no history of someone who became popular within social media doing spam. You may lose good followers and friends if you do spam. You may also get blocked and reported by by people. Thus you may lose your popularity on social media.

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9) Share informative and educative posts

A study says that, more than 70% social media users like to get informative and educative posts. So write informative posts to impress your followers and friends.

10) Reply to your messages

If anyone send you message on social media, do not ignore it. Reply to that message as soon as possible. It will help to grow your community. Suppose, someone messaged you “Hi! How are you?”. You should reply quickly as like “I’m fine. Thanks for asking. How are you?”. This is a sample of conversation. The people who messaged you will definitely become your fan if you talk to him right way.

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There is a lot of tactics those can help you to become popular on social media. But these 10 are exclusive, easy and simple. You can practice these tactics.

That’s all from me. I would like to know from you. Drop a comment if you have any exclusive idea.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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  • sherry //06 Nov 2015

    thanks for the tips, shall remember try them out.
    reply to messages, let me do that now.

  • Anfieldyee //06 Nov 2015

    Thanks for your tips 🙂 Gonna make good use of my social media then.

  • Emily //07 Nov 2015

    Great tips. All of us are trying to build up our social media profile and this article definitely comes in handy.

  • Cecilia //07 Nov 2015

    Thanks for the tips! This is very useful to handle my social media. 🙂

  • Cynthia //07 Nov 2015

    Great Tips! Now I know how to be popular….LOL. And follow popular people.

  • Betty Liew //07 Nov 2015

    Useful tips for every blogger. Just ensure we actively blog to gain more reader to read our blog. a quality blog will gain more reader.

  • Sebrinah Yeo //07 Nov 2015

    Agree with your tips! Thx for sharing, will keep this as a reminder for myself too.

  • Arisa //08 Nov 2015

    one thing you are missing is, being true to yourself on social media, not a fake.

  • Sara //08 Nov 2015

    Been making sure that im in constant contact with social media. Thanks for the tips ????

  • cindyrina //09 Nov 2015

    well said! agree with you. Very informative indeed.