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in Social Media - 02 Jul, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 3 comments
5 easiest ways to earn money from Facebook

Do you know – your favorite social network, Facebook, can turn into a money-making machine for you? No, do not laugh at my speech. It’s true. You can earn up to $1000 per day through Facebook easily.

You should know Facebook will not give you this money. So, you’ll get from where? I’m writing this post to answer this question. In this post, I’ll show 5 easiest ways to earn money from Facebook. If you can catch money from Facebook, it can be reliable source for you.

Like Fan Pages:

Earn Money by Liking Fan Page

You can earn money easily by liking Facebook fan pages. It’s the easiest way to earn from this social networking site. There are many sites on the web those are providing this service your Facebook users. Google it and sign up for earn! Here are few examples I can show. You can try getpaidforlikes.com and likes2cash.com. Sign up for those sites, add you Facebook ID and start earning money! Not only fan page likes, you can also earn by sharing posts, photos and following people on Facebook.

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Promoting Pages or Business:

If you have a lot of people as your friend on your Facebook ID and also have millions of fans on your fan page you can earn up to $200 per day by promoting other pages or business. There are lots of people who have a small business or lowest numbers of fans on their Facebook Pages. They are trying to promote their business in low cost. You can get the chance. Find these types of business and contact them. Show your services to them. Explain them how many fans or customers you can provide them in low cost.

If you get the chance, now it’s time to earn. Make post on your pages and your personal ID for that business or page. Drive your fans and friends to your client. And finally get dollars from the client.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is another way to earn from Facebook. You can earn up to $1000 per day by affiliating. At first find a well-known affiliate program or other companies who provide link-type advertising program to earn money. Amazon is the best brand to start. You can also try other programs.

Amazon Affiliate on Facebook

After selecting your affiliate or link-type advertising program, sign up for the program according to their instructions. Then follow their guideline to start posting affiliate links on your Facebook ID. Post the links to your Facebook ID and wait. When your friend will buy products using your link, you will get commissions. You will earn money in your sleep!

Sell Posts:

Sell Facebook Post

There is another easy way to sell your fan page post. If you have lots of fan in your fan page, you can earn in this way. There are many websites on the web that provides this service. You can Google it. You can also use shopsomething.com to sell your posts. You need at least 1000 fans to sell post here.

Go to shopsomething.com and sign up to sell posts on fan page. Then verify your page and set price depending on per post. You should set it carefully. If you have 2000 fans and you set $10 per post, who will buy it? So be careful.

When a buyer will order to post on your page. You can review his content and accept or reject him. If you accept, then post the content on your page, verify the post using shopsomething.com and get your money.

Sell eBooks:

Sell eBooks on Facebook

If you like to write eBooks, then here is a better opportunity for you. Write an eBook and lock it with a password. Then post on your Facebook ID and page about your eBook in detail and tell them to buy your book.

When someone will be interested to buy your book, get the price from him/her and give the password. You can also share your eBooks to related groups on Facebook. You can also create a group on you eBook for discussion. It will impress people more.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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  • Soni Kumari //03 May 2017

    Wow cool Article, I have more than 24,000/- followers on my facebook Fan page 🙂 now i’ll earn
    Thank you Quamarul 🙂

    • Quamarul Islam Manna //03 May 2017

      Good. You can earn via your Facebook Page! Thanks.