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in Social Media - 27 Mar, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - no comments
10 exclusive actions for social networking safety

Social Networking safety is very important for users. Today I’ve got a message from my Facebook friend who is a well-known writer. He requested me to give him money and also told that he is in danger. I didn’t believe his message and called him over the phone. He told me that, he didn’t login to Facebook today and off course didn’t send me any message. I informed him that, his account is hacked by someone.

Social Networking Safety

This is the reason why I’m writing this post today.

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Unsafe Social Networking:

When using social networking sites is not secure or safe, that is definitely unsafe social networking. Unsafe social networking is too much harmful and it may increase cyber crime.

Social Networking Safety:

Safe networking is a reversed form of unsafe. Here are few tips bellow to use social networking safely. Let’s check these out –

  • Do not share your password: First of all, do not share your password with anyone. This can be a reason your social network account to be hacked. If you share your password with someone else, he/she will try to login to your account and then change your password, how will you login next time?
  • Do not use easy to guess password: Easy to guess password something like Pass12345, your name, your phone number and anything else. Do not use an easy to guess the password. If you use, then your account will go to the hacker’s hand. They will commit a crime using your account and you have to suffer.
  • Do not use an unsecured public network: Do not login to your social network account from public networks like a cyber cafe, free internet services and so on. These networks are not secured. Your user details may be stolen by someone else. So be careful.
  • Do not write your password in a public place: Suppose, you are travelling by bus. Someone takes a seat near you. Now you want to login to your social network using your Smartphone or tab. So you have to write password. Do not do this. The people near your seat may read your figures and steal your password.
  • Do not allow unknown apps: There are too many apps are using to Facebook, Twitter or other social network users daily. But you must have to be careful using these applications. Some fraud apps may steal you username and password. If you use these fraud apps, you’ll lose your account and become a victim.
  • Use two-factor authentication: Most of the social networking sites offer two-factor authentication systems for user security. You should use it. If you use two-factor authentication system, your account will be safer and you’ll be notified if someone tries to login to your account.
  • Verify your phone number: Phone verification is another option to secure your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networking sites account. However, most of them require phone number verification nowadays.
  • Change your password every week: Yes. Change your password frequently. You can change your password every week. This will help you to keep your account more secure.
  • Do not login from other’s PC or Smartphone: I’ll advise you to not to use other’s PC or Smartphone to login to your social network account pfizer france viagra. Your password might be stolen in this way. However, if you login from other’s device, do not forget to logout from the device.
  • Contact support: You account may go to other’s hand before applying the steps above. Contact the customer support of that social networking site and tell them what you lose. They will help you to get your account back.

These are all from me about social networking safety. Do you have another idea? If you have, write your idea bellow using the comment form. I’ll add your idea to the post including your name.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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