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in Social Media - 09 Jul, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 2 comments
Facebook Fan Page: Increase Likes, Traffic and Money

Have you started a new business or a website? Do you need lots of traffic to your website? You must have to connect with Facebook, the king of social network. Yes, Facebook is leading the today’s social media platforms. According to the information of Facebook Newsroom, this Number 1 social network is getting 936 million daily active users from around the world. So, there is a great chance to drive lots of Facebook users to your website or business.

To increase your website traffic, first of all, you need to create a Fan Page on Facebook. Then you have to make Fans. The more you have Fans, the more you have visitors to your site. If you have 1 millions of Fans, you will definitely get more than 10,000 visitors daily. I think you got the importance of a Facebook Fan Page and Fans.

I can show you an example so that you can get more importance of Fans. To increase Facebook Fans from about 100,000 to more than 2 million, the US state department spends about $630,000 (Marketing Land). What do you think now? Yes, you must have to create a Facebook Fan Page and increase Fans.

Create your Business Page:

You must have your business page first to follow the rest of this post. If you don’t have, then create one from facebook.com/pages/create by selecting proper category. Use your logo as profile picture and create an impressive photo to use in cover.

Increase Likes:

You have created your business page and you are doing nothing with your page. What are you thinking? You will get fans magically? No, you won’t get fans if you don’t try to get them. There is no magic that can give you 1 million Fans overnight. So you need to –

  • Optimize your Page:

You have to optimize your page for SEO so that people can reach you by searching. Use appropriate Title and Description for your page. According to the new look of Facebook Pages you can add many things on your about section. Use topics to specify your page according to the Facebook user’s interest.

Pickup a Facebook Web Address for better optimization (e.g. my business page URL is https://www.facebook.com/getlapdotcom). Do not use something like facebook.com/Pages/964650586918996. It will effect badly in your optimization. Also fill in the other fields such as long description, mission, founded, company overview, awards (if you have), products (if you have), contact info, location etc.

You should know that, majority of searches come directly from the about section. According to Forbes, it’s around 60% to 80%. Forbes also shows that, 95% of all searches come from the company overview and location fields on Facebook Fan Page.

  • Invite friends to like:

You should be happy because Facebook provide you a button to invite your friends to like your business page. Use this button to invite friends from your personal Facebook account. Your friends will get a notification to like your page. They will see your page and hopefully they will like.

You can also invite friends through email. Use your Fan Page URL in your email and tell them to like to get exciting things. You can also use this URL into your email signature.

  • Share on Social Networks:

If you want to increase your Fans, you can share your Facebook Fan Page on various social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. Let your followers from different social networks know about your business page so that they can like it.

For Twitter, whenever you will get a new follower, tell him to like your Business Page to get in touch. Do this for all social networks. This is a better way to get valuable likes.

  • Use Like Box in your website:

Facebook like box plays a vital role to get more Fans. You can use Facebook Developers to get your like box. If you use WordPress, you can get many plugins providing this service for free.

You can add the like box anywhere on your site. But make sure that, people will get the box when they will open your page. For example, you can use the like box on the top of your site’s sidebar. You can also use scrolling like boxes to get more Fans.

  • Use URL in your newsletter:

If you provide newsletter to your customers or subscribers, include the URL of your Fan Page within the newsletter and let them like. This is a good way. You will not get lots of Fans in this way. You will get few but active Fans on your page. They will help you to increase you Fans.

  • Post Good Contents:

Post contents related to your Brand or Website. You can engage your Fans with you by posting frequently (Source: Forbes). Do not share only links. Because this type of posts will not get more likes and shares.

Try to post something funny, something unbelievable, something amazing. But all these posts must have to be related with your Brand or Website.

  • Post Images and Videos:

Posting images and videos can you more likes and shares. As a result you page will get more Fans.

You can share funny images and videos or anything else. But keep in mind that, all should be your Website or Brand related. If you don’t keep this line in your mind, you may loss popularity of your Brad.

  • Comment other page as your page:

Here is another tactic you can use. Use Facebook as your Page. Find top level pages related to your page or topic. Write valuable comments there. There is a lot of chance to get many useful fans.

But you should know before commenting, do not spam. It will not make your Brand popular. It will badly effect on your page and website.

  • Start Contest:

Start a contest among your Page’s Fans. In this way, your Fans will help you to increase more Fans.

iPhone 7S Sharing Contest

There is lots of example to increase fans in this way. I’m showing you one. Toplatestlist.com create a new Fan Page named “iPhone 7S”. Then they start Like, Comment and Share contest. They offer iPhone to the winners. Amazing! Their posts have been shared more than 3,000 times. They have 424K Fans now.

  • Advertise on Facebook:

This is the final way. Advertise on Facebook and get tons of Fans. This way is costly. But if you can set up your advertise nicely, you will get many valuable Fans. Before setting up an advertisement, you should make a plan. Which people you want to target, which country you want to target and something like those. When you set up an ad nicely, go to your bed for a fresh sleep. When you will wake up in the morning, see the amount of your Fans.

Increase Traffic and Money:

  • Use your website URL in about section:

I’ve already told this tactic above. Now I’m going to describe how to do it.

Click on the about tab of your page. Scroll down to the bottom of the fields. Here is the field Website. Write your website URL here and save. Your website has been added. You will get visitors from here. It will also help search engines to find your official Facebook Fan Page.

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  • Share contents from your website:

Do you have a lot of posts in your website? Or do you have many products to sell? Share them on you Fan Page. Your fans will get these posts in their newsfeed. Hopefully, they will like, share and visit your website.

There is a cycle to get traffic! Suppose one of your Fans likes/comments/shares your Fan Page post. There is a great thing that, his friends will also be able to see that post. They can also do same and their friends will see those.

Cycle of Facebook Shares

You will get more traffic to your site by this tactic. But do not use just links of your web pages. Write textual content and use a URL with it. That’s the best way.

  • Edit Title, Description and Image of a link:

When you will share a link of your webpage, if will show default title, description and image of that webpage. You can edit these. You can use amazing title, interesting description and better image to impress your Fans and drive them to your website.

[Warning: Do not use inappropriate titles and descriptions. Do not use images that contain nudity.]

  • Create Call to Action Button:

Facebook Sign Up Call to Action Button

You can create a Call to Action Button to drive your Fans to your website. There are seven available buttons you can use. You can use Shop Now button to sell from your website. You can use Sign Up button if you provide newsletters. You can also use other buttons for different purpose.

Facebook can be the leading traffic source of your website. There are lots of great features you can use to increase your website traffic. Your Facebook Business Page can make your Brand or Website popular.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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