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in Social Media - 31 Jan, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - no comments
Facebook Live Streaming Analysis
Facebook Live Streaming Analysis

Photo Credit: Facebook

Facebook, the leading social network finally brings live streaming to everyone. Last year, Facebook runs an experiment this feature within the United States. But now it is available for iOS users widely from Thursday.

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Vadim Lavrusik, a product manager of Facebook said that they are working on the android operating system and it will be released for android users soon.

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Vadim also informed that the live streaming is also available for public figures and verified pages. That means public figures and verified pages can also broadcast live stream as well.

With this feature, users can subscribe to a Facebook page or people’s live streaming. In this way, subscribers will be notified each time they (Facebook page or people) start a new live broadcast.

To use Facebook’s live stream feature, you don’t need to download an additional app. You just need the Facebook app.

By using Facebook live streaming, you will be able to get the number of your viewers and read the comments coming on your live video. You can use any camera from your phone (front or rear camera). You can also save the video to your phone’s camera roll.

After getting the awesome feature from Facebook, Lance Ulanoff published a guide on Mashable how to use Facebook Live Stream Feature. I would like to thank Lance for his great tutorial.

Lance divides his post into two parts. One is finding the live stream feature and another one is how to broadcast your live video. Let’s look into the entire process.

There is no large button says to broadcast yourself. You’ll find a hidden icon under the status icon. If you want to broadcast yourself, select the live video icon. Now Facebook needs your permission to access your camera and microphone (for the first time only).

To start a live stream, you have to write a title for your video. Then you have to select audience to share your broadcast with. There is no limitation on your stream. You can broadcast your live video for a long time.

In the post of Mashable, Lance shows how to broadcast your first live video. He also tells that he has around 18 viewers on his first live stream. The blogpost (tutorial) will surely help Facebook users to start live streaming for the first timers.

Nicole Lee, an editor of Engadget said that the Facebook live streaming is easier to use. She explains how it works. She also shows some cons of this feature. Nichole said that the feature is not valuable to you if you don’t have a verified page or you are not a celebrity. Because you will not get a lot of audience to your live broadcast.

However, thanks to Facebook for bringing this great feature worldwide. It will make the social network more valuable to its users. It will also add a new dimension to the users.

Do you have any suggestion to do better live stream on Facebook? Leave a comment.

Did you use the Facebook live streaming feature? Share your experience with all of us. We are waiting to hear from you.

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