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in Social Media - 13 Jul, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 23 comments
How to get rid of Facebook Auto Spam

Facebook is the Number 1 Social Media. I’ve already declared it in my previous post. You may have lots of friends on your personal profile prix viagra 50 milligrams. But if you are badly affected by spam, you may lose your friends and popularity. Your friends can treat you negatively. So you should know about Facebook Auto Spam and how to get rid of it.

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What is viral auto spam?

Facebook Spam mainly refers to involve people with unwanted or bad content, link or request [source: Facebook Help Center]. It can send bulk messages from your account and post links or images to your timeline. It can come up when you click on bad links or try to install bad apps.

How to identify spam?

Facebook Spam Link Sample by Daily Video

Look at the photo. This photo is a screenshot of a spam link posted on Facebook Timeline. Can you see the red marks? The link has been posted by Daily Video. This happens for me. But you may not only get Daily Video but also others.

There are lots of spam links or contents difficult to identify. So you must have to be careful about clicking on links.

How it Works?

When you click on links that contains spam, most of the times it will not take you to a website. It will ask for you permission.

Facebook App Confirmation Page 1

Example – I click on the link of Daily Video. It tells me that, Daily Video will receive the following info: Your public profile and email address. I click on the Play Now button.

Facebook App Confirmation Page 2

After clicking Play Now button, I get this page. Where Daily Video tells that, they will post to Facebook for me! They want to know, who I want to share these posts with. I can make it Public, Friends, Custom and Only Me. I select one and then click Okay.

Facebook Spam Link on Profile

I wait for sometimes then check my profile. Yes, it posts spam links on my profile. Look at the screenshot. It’s same as the first one I used in how to identify.

How to get rid of Spam:

There are many ways to avoid and protect that means get rid of spam. I will show the easy ways. Let’s get started –

  • Do not Click on spam links:

First tip is, if you can identify a link or content as spam, do not click on it. If you click, the spam will spread. It will post on your timeline, send messages your friends and post on groups you joined on behalf of you. You can also lose your Facebook ID by clicking on Spam Links.

  • Remove if you have already clicked

This tip is for those, who have already clicked on spam links and searching for a great solution to get rid of it.

Facebook Settings Menu

Step – 1: Go to your Facebook settings page. Look at the screenshot where you will get settings menu.

Facebook Apps Page

Step – 2: Go to your Apps page. You will get this menu at left side of your Facebook settings page. Click on Apps menu to view your installed apps.

Remove Spam App

Step – 3: Search for Daily Video (the name may be different in your case). When you will get this App, remove it.

Facebook App Remove Confirmation Dialogue Box

Step – 4: After clicking on Remove, you will get a dialogue box that wants a confirmation from you. Confirm it and click on Remove. This may take a few minutes.

You are done. Now check your profile. What happened? All the spam links posted by Daily Video have been removed from your timeline.

Bonus Tips:

If you get bad contents on your Facebook news feed posted by your friend, do not misconceive him. You should know that, your friend don’t know when he posts it.

Now you should do few things. Firstly, do not click on that link. Then tell your friend that you are seeing bad contents on his timeline. Tell him clearly so that he can understand about spam. Then also share the steps I wrote above to get rid of it.

Facebook is a social network. Any unwanted thing on you profile can be detrimental. You can be harassed socially. Your friends may leave you. So be careful while browsing Facebook.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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  • FiSh //16 Nov 2015

    thanks for the great tips! 😀 looks useful for me

  • Emily //16 Nov 2015

    Thanks for sharing all these tips. I have spam on Facebook and I just block them all. Easy. 😛

  • sherry //16 Nov 2015

    thanks for sharing tips, yeah saw lots of spam going on. Dont like them at all.

  • Jane //16 Nov 2015

    Thanks for the tips. Really need to know in advance before scam appear.

  • Syafiera Yamin //16 Nov 2015

    All SPAM Message showing adult content, sexy women like hell.. !!

  • Wing Ng //16 Nov 2015

    Nowadays spam is everywhere. These are very useful tips for me, thanks for sharing.

  • Kakalina //16 Nov 2015

    See some fb groups are spamming by adult posts. Hope they get rid of this problem with your useful blog post.

  • Betty Liew //16 Nov 2015

    This is useful to me. Thanks god that you sharing this to us.

  • Qian //16 Nov 2015

    Wow, nice tips. now i can clear rubbish out from my FB. thanks!

  • Renae Teo //16 Nov 2015

    A lot of spams nowadays on FB. This came in really handy at the right time!

  • Adeline //16 Nov 2015

    Spam is annoying. Now I got some tips and info on your blog. 😀 thanks for sharing.

  • Miera Nadhirah //16 Nov 2015

    Good tips and they are useful for all of us to use… thanks for that write up

  • Mike Yip //16 Nov 2015

    Best way is to turn off all scripting on the computer and install pop-up blockers. Even this page has quite a number of pop-ups that my blocker alert me of.

  • Sharon Lee //17 Nov 2015

    Nice sharing and thanks for the tip! Last time I also help my mum to get rid the fb auto spam too! hehe

  • Pooja Kawatra //17 Nov 2015

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip and nowadays we came across a lot of unnecessary stuff these days.

  • Leona //18 Nov 2015

    really hate those spams and hackers. people shouldn’t be too gullible to simply click on anything.

  • Ivy Kam //18 Nov 2015

    I hate facebook auto spam so much, will delete it everytime I see one, thanks for this great tips 🙂

  • Geozo Wong Fui Cheng(wfc) //18 Nov 2015

    it’s seem so useful.thx for share it .

  • Anfieldyee //18 Nov 2015

    Great tips! Thanks for your sharing. Hope it helps me to get rid of those spams.

  • Isaac Tan //19 Nov 2015

    this is an awesome tip , thank you for sharing. Will be going over to my settings to delete off all those spammy sites.

  • Kylie cre8tone //20 Nov 2015

    Great tips for spam free social media. TQ!

  • Ivana Koprivica //23 Nov 2015

    It is great tips. I hate spam