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in Social Media - 02 Feb, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 5 comments
How to Use WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business

In the year of 2013, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. Now this powerful instant messaging app is getting 1 billion active users per month. This is huge and the number is growing every month. So, there is a golden opportunity to use WhatsApp for business.

Whatsapp reaches 1 billon users monthly

This awesome service is good for local business mainly though you can use it to spread your business globally as well. It’s a messaging app, so the main factor is communication. However, you can do marketing also.

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  • Communication:

I have already said that communication is the key factor for WhatsApp. Let’s see a list of business communication types.

  1. Communicate with your officials.
  2. Communicate with your business partners.
  3. Communicate with your product suppliers.
  4. Communicate with your buyers.

And so on. WhatsApp can help you to build a strong relationship with you and your officials, partners, suppliers and buyers.

  • Customer Support:

Do you have a growing business with valuable customers? You must need to give them support. No worries give your WhatsApp number to your customer and request them to contact with the customer support if they need help.

This is the finest way to support your customer, I think. Because you and your customer don’t have to pay the mobile operator. It’s free!

  • Marketing:

Marketing is easier and free on WhatsApp! Yes, create a group and add people to the group. Then let them know about your business or products.

You can also join to other groups. But make sure that, you are not spamming within the groups. Just join to groups relevant to your business. E.g. you joined with a group where people are discussing on shoes. If your business is shoe related, you will only tell your business name there. But be careful, don’t promote yourself directly. When a person says that he is going to buy a new shoe, what will be best for him? Then tell him your brand to buy.

[N.B.: You can’t join to other groups directly. You’ll only be able to become a member if an admin of that group adds you.]

  • Customer List:

WhatsApp will help you to build your customer list. A customer can contact you via WhatsApp to get support or general inquiry. Save his/her number into the phonebook. You will be able to contact them in future.

A massive customer list is great for a business. You will be able to make them returning customers.

  • Occasional Messages:

There is a great feature in WhatsApp, broadcast. You can create broadcasting lists for your business. You can create different broadcasts for different people. For example, create officials broadcast for your officials, customer broadcast for your customers.

Whatsapp broadcast

What will you do with this feature? Send messages occasionally. For example, send messages to your officials and customers in New Year. You can also announce any offer from your company to your customers through the broadcast. Tell them that you are giving 10% off of new products in this New Year.

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Do you have any idea of using WhatsApp for business that I have missed? Please share your idea with me and all of us. Leave your comment.



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  • Utsav //22 Feb 2016

    Hi Quamarul ..
    I never thought of using Whatsapp like this. But Really this is a nice Idea. Especially the one of giving customer support on whatsapp.
    Thanks for this great post 🙂 Keep writing

    • Quamarul Islam Manna //22 Feb 2016

      Hey Utsav,
      It’s nice to see you here. I’m very glad to hear that, my idea helps you. See you again. Thanks.

  • Ganesh N Kunjir //28 Apr 2016

    Informative! Nice to see one more tool which is useful for effective marketing. Reason is simple – quick communication with a personal touch!
    Have you heard about Bag A Chat, which provide business service using whatsapp. Bag A Chat save your chat by using lables, also you can stored it on cloud. Search the chat is best option which Bag A Chat provide. Love it!

  • pijush kanti bhunia //15 Jun 2016

    Hi Quamarul nice your idea.Help me whatsapp business. Mobile:9735654764

    • Quamarul Islam Manna //16 Jun 2016

      Hi Pijush, what type of help do you need?