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blog writing tips
in Blogging - 21 Nov, 2015
by Ivana Koprivica - 17 comments

How to create blog? This is question which flies above us all the time. I can give you some good answers. To write a blog in successful manner first we have to get together Simplicity Creativity Unique words You might also like : How to Write an Impressive Blog Post To get thorougher this things […]

in Blogging - 20 Nov, 2015
by Evie Coles - 8 comments

Many people have started off with a blog. Some have used it as a marketing tool, and some have used it for other professional reasons. For others, it is just a platform for sharing ideas and information. Whatever the reason for creating a blog, the most confusing part is choosing the blogging platform. There are […]

in Blogging - 30 Oct, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - no comments

Guest blogging is the way to make you familiar all over the internet. You can get lots of benefits from it. First of all, you will get a lot of audience to your posts. Readers will surely like you if you can write well. They will follow you on social media. Thus, they will help […]

in Blogging - 22 Jul, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 15 comments

Write a great and strong title for your blog post to get more visitors to your blog. Make your title clickable to get more clicks from social media and search engines. This is also a great way to get more engagements.

in Blogging - 06 Jul, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 9 comments

How do I write a blog post? What’s the best way? – Someone asked me few days back. So I’ve planned to write this post. Creating an impressive and perfect blog post can give you three things – popularity, traffic and money. If you ask me, how to make money from blogging? My answer will […]