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in Technology - 22 Aug, 2016
by Katleen Brown - one comment
5 Old Technology That You Wish Must Exist In Future
  1. The Fax

Fax Machine
The chief executive of Sony has pointed out the importance of the fax machine. He realized its significance the moment his company’s PCs were hacked. This incident leaked most of his trade secrets. The confidential nature of the fax machine makes it more reliable, as it is more difficult to tap. However, there are chances that a fax machine can be physically bugged.

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Most typed information on phones or computers are not as secure when you compare to the one that has been hand-written. This machine allows you to read your memo as it continues to growl in the machine and shred it once you find out you have implicated yourself in some type of misconduct. The latest technology updates are showing the value of adopting this machine in the business world, if the firm intend to observe discreetness.

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