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in Technology - 22 Aug, 2016
by Katleen Brown - one comment
5 Old Technology That You Wish Must Exist In Future
  1. Books

Traditional Books
At some point in time people adopted the use of e-books. A large number of people became e-readers. This had a negative impact on real books. However, recently people are slowly coming back to the use of real books. This is because the real books have a strong evocative smell. The real books store phone numbers and old tickets that tend to stir up memories of the past. Glozine, being an attractive online site that airs news, has managed to dispatch interesting facts concerning the recent happenings on the book industry.

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The old traditional real book can be loaned to someone else while the e-book can sometime be tied to the owner who bought it or some are just duplicated and shared. The experience a real book offers is rather different compared to an e-book since they can’t be felt (not objects).

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