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in Technology - 22 Aug, 2016
by Katleen Brown - one comment
5 Old Technology That You Wish Must Exist In Future
  1. Typewriter

Gadgets and technologies that have keyboards are not free from bugs. Recently, there has been some development of a software that can easily detect and guess keys from individual sounds made by each key. Bugging a typewriter that is manual is easy with the help of a small planted microphone. These items also show that a document is anti-counterfeit for example wills and any other legal document.

The benefit of using this machinery is that you are the only one who knows what you have written. The spell checker will not have the chance to tamper with your creativity. There are no auto corrects or notifications. You certainly do not require the use of passwords. This machine ensured individuals had jobs of transporting important documents (messengers).

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Old technology is making a comeback and will help solve the existing problems in our lives while at the same time improving our overall quality of life. The use of these items will bring a whole new feel and revive the life that they once had. These gadgets and items are certainly of great assistance considering the era we live in. Hereby, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the classics of life while giving hope to a better future.

Even if you have the ability to buy new advanced equipment, this is not an indication that you should do away with the old machinery. You can upgrade it into something better for the case of gadgets.


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