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in - 01 Jul, 2015
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Terms of Use for a website refer to the rules/laws of the website. It’s commonly abbreviated as ToU. This document contains Terms of Use for GetLap. You are visiting or using this site means, you have already accepted the Terms of Use for GetLap. You should also know that, if you don’t accept any of the Terms please do not use or visit this website anymore.

Basic Terms:

  • There is no restriction for age. But at least 13 years old is better to use this site.
  • You can register and login to GetLap as a general user. So it’s your responsibility to keep your login password in secure and safe place.
  • You can register using social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google). Do not use any profile that contains nude or adult profile picture.
  • You can comment of each post. Do not attack the writer in your comment.
  • Do not try to disserve another user from using the website.
  • Do not try to violate the Terms of Use of GetLap


You must have to know about permissions to use GetLap. You may read blog posts, and print pages and/or images from GetLap for your personal use only.

Do not –

  • Copy posts or/and images to republish into your website
  • Use any information, posts and/or images for commercial use
  • Try to do harmful things for the site

Besides these things, you may use the website Get Lap nicely. Now check out what kind of things you may do.

You may –

  • Share contents to social networks using social sharing buttons
  • Share contents to social networks directly using hyperlinks
  • Use information, posts and/or images for your personal use only
  • Comment on each post and share your thoughts


As a general user or visitor, you have limitation to access GetLap that means all of the parts are not accessible to you. Only the administrator and/or developer have the right to access all parts.

 General User contents:

General User contents means textual, images and graphical contents submitted by the users. If you want, you can submit anything to us according to the guideline.

Do not –

  • Submit/send us adult contents
  • Spam in this website
  • Submit contents that can be harmful for this site
  • Submit contents that can be harmful for human beings
  • Use illegal or unlawful contents

Otherwise, you may submit your contents to us that are useful to all.

You may –

  • Write to us with your query
  • Submit graphical contents and/or images to us
  • Submit contents that are useful for this site
  • Submit contents that are useful for human beings

You should know that, user contents must have to be legal and lawful. The authorities of GetLap have the right to edit or remove anything you submitted to the website as user content.


Get Lap may change these Terms of Use (ToU) anytime. Changed terms of use will apply to the use of this website from the date of the publication. Please visit this page regularly to ensure that, you are noted with the current and newer version of Terms of Use (ToU).


The GetLap authorities do not warrant that, the site is totally error free. You are using GetLap means; you agree that the disallowance and restrictions of responsibility set out in this website disclaimer are logical. If you don’t think that, they are logical, you must not use this website.

If you think, any arrangement of this website and its disclaimer are found to be void under suitable law, which will not affect the performance of the other arrangements of this website’s disclaimer.

Entire Agreement:

By accessing this site you are representing that your activities are lawful. These Terms of Use (ToU) assign the total agreement between you and GetLap in a relation to your use.


[This document was last updated on April 05, 2016]