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in WordPress - 17 Jun, 2015
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10 Free WordPress plugins for your blog

If you have a blog build with WordPress or if you are getting started blogging on WordPress platform, you should know about a lot of great plugins. You can get the plugins from the WordPress directory for free. These plugins help you various ways to build your blog more powerful and impressive.

  1. Custom login


Custom Login is a plugin that can give your WordPress site a different look. You can use this plugin for professional branding purposes. It’s too easy to customize your WordPress login screen using this plugin. You don’t need understand CSS to do this. You just have to upload a photo to use it as a tiled background on the login page. Oh, if you want advance customizations, you can also use HTML, CSS & jQuery textarea.

  1. WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is a caching engine for WordPress sites. This plugin produces static html files on behalf of dynamic pages. When a html file will be generated to your web server, it will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier WordPress site’s PHP scripts.

  1. WP Clone


Do you want to create a backup file of your WordPress blog? You can use WP Clone by WP Academy. This is the easy and secure way to backup a site built with WordPress. You can also move or copy a site to another domain name or server.

  4. WordPress SEO by Yoast


There are many plugins you will find for WordPress SEO. But most of the SEO experts would recommend you to use WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin handles every element of SEO you could think of.

You can get a package in this plugin. You can rewrite titles, add descriptions, meta keywords, and more. You can select index or noindex option. It will help you to get your post indexed by search engines or you can hide posts from search engines. This plugin will also help you with your social sharing links and contents. It will also show your SEO score using green/yellow/red buttons.

5. Scroll Triggered Box


Dreamgrow’s Scroll Triggered Box will give you an amazing email subscription slideup box. The box can be customized how you want. You can also fix the position for the box. It will collect your subscribers email. You can also use third party such as MailChimp, Aweber with this plugin.

You can also customize scroll percentage, width, color, popup frequency, auto closing time and more.

6. Disqus comments


Disqus is one of the easiest and good looking commenting systems I’ve used. It has a powerful system that works right off your standard WordPress setup. You will be able to manage all comments quickly through your dashboard.

7. Pin It Button for Images


Pin It Button for Images is a great plugin to share your blogs images on pinterest. This plugin adds a Pinterest Pin It button on hover on top of any image that appears in your blog post. This is so simple.

You can customize this plugin. You can set that the Pin It button only shows up when you add a specific CSS class to an image. You can also change the settings so that the button only shows on images on single posts, pages, index, category, and more. This is why you should love this plugin.

8. Digg Digg


Social sharing has a great role for your blog. The more you have social shares, the more you have visitors! This is not only a line, this is the fact. All of the established bloggers feel the importance of social sharing.

There are lots of plugin in WordPress directory for social sharing purpose. You can use anyone. But I recommend you to use the plugin Digg Digg. If you use this plugin, you can select where you want to show the buttons. The plugin is more flexible than others.

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9. Jetpack


JetPack is a great WordPress plugin by wordpress.com. This plugin is very useful for the bloggers. There is a package of tools that contains 33 services. You’ll get services like contact form, related posts, share tools, and single sign on and more.

There is a great thing to love; the analytics. You can get your site statistics directly from your dashboard without login anywhere else. You will get everything in the report what you want.

10. upPrev


The plugin upPrev shows a related post box on your blog when a visitor comes near the bottom of a page. The related content can be picked however you choose. You can select the previous article, from a certain category/tag, or a completely random article. You can get more readers on your posts if you use this plugin.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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