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in WordPress - 10 Nov, 2015
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 12 comments
10 killer things you should not do while using WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used CMS (Content Management System) nowadays. A mejor number of CMS users recommend WordPress to create personal blog, business and even e-commerce websites. It’s easy to use and very much user friendly.

Though this is a great and common platform, you must have to be careful to use it. If you do not become careful, you may lose your website and it’s data. So today, we are going to know what things we should not do while using WordPress.

1) Do not use “admin” as username

First of all, you should not use “admin” as your username. It’s a common form of administrator user while practicing. So it can be easy to track your username by attackers.

2) Do not use easy to guess password

What’s an easy to guess password? It may be something like your name, your date of birth, your phone number or the domain name of your website. You should not also use something like – abcdefg, 123456789 and so on. Use strong password for a better security of your site.

3) Do not use untrusted hosting provider

A hosting provider can access your files anytime. So you should be careful while choosing your provider. Statistic shows that, 41% website on WordPress platform is being attacked through a security weakness of their hosting provider.

Few days back, my friend had a blog prix du viagra 50mg. He applied for adsense. When he got approved by adsense, he lost his blog. He got suspended from his hosting account. This is one example. So be careful choosing the best hosting provider. You can look for the reviews by Google search to pick up your hosting provider.

4) Do not use cracked themes or plugins

There is a lot of premium themes for WordPress. You can find cracked of these themes easily. Do not use this themes. The person who cracked this theme, surely included some unnecessary codes that is really harmful to your website. Same things happen for the plugins as well.

Statistic shows that, 29% websites is being attacked through the WordPress theme and 22% through WordPress plugins they use.

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5) Do not use easy to guess username and password for database

When you install WordPress, you must have to create a database where you need to provide an username and password. Do not use easy to guess username and password while creating database for WordPress. If you do so, your database may be attacked by attackers and you may lose all of your existing data.

6) Do not use backdated version of WordPress

Every time WordPress releases an update you should use this. You should not use backdated version. You should know why WordPress brings update version. When they gets any security issues within the previous version, they improve it and release it for users to get better security.

7) Do not forget to keep a backup

Keep backups on a regular basis so that if you lose any data, you have an opportunity to restore it. You may lose data while updating WordPress version, themes, plugins and so on. You may also lose data by attacking. So be careful to keep backup of your website.

8) Do not approve spam comments

Spam comments is really harmful for your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There is an option to review all comments before publishing. So, when you get a spam comment, do not publish it and remove it from your website.

9) Do not give admin rights to people you don’t know personally

People can do harm of your website. So do not give admin rights to people you don’t know personally and who are untrusted to you. If you do so, the person you gave admin rights may change everything of your website. He may also remove your admin rights from the site. So be careful giving someone admin rights.

10) Do not access your website on an untrusted network

An untrusted network may be harmful for your site if you login to your admin area. Your login information can be tracked by attackers. You should not login to your admin area in a cyber café. Attackers can also track your login information in this way.

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Do not do these 10, you will gain in WordPress. These ideas are all from my head. If you have anything within your head, let’s share. I’m waiting to get your comment right here.

Quamarul Islam Manna is a freelance writer, blogger and web designer.

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  • andi //10 Nov 2015

    such simple tips – and yet there are so many bloggers who probably aren’t even doing them

  • Carmen Perez (listen2mama) //10 Nov 2015

    Oh my, these are the reasons why I still have not switched over to a self hosted site…I think I prefer the ease of use of my current wp.com account.

  • Jonathan Key //10 Nov 2015

    One of my pet peeves is people using “admin” when they post. It’s so impersonal to readers. I also think it’s important to use creative passwords and keep a backup of your work. This is great stuff keep up the good work!

  • Brianna //11 Nov 2015

    Such good and simple tips.:) I follow all of these and am learning more and more how important it is to be diligent with security.

    Also I love the slide of your most recent post. what plugin is that?

  • tess //11 Nov 2015

    those are great tips for someone to have who want to start a blog.

  • Mykidsguide //11 Nov 2015

    I’m using wordpress and it’s good to know that I am not doing any of the things you mentioned. This post is very helpful.

  • Jasmine Watts //11 Nov 2015

    These are such wonderful tips and helpful to all WordPress users!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Jessica Harlow //11 Nov 2015

    These are all good tips for people using a WordPress blog! As bloggers, we work really hard and it would be awful to risk losing it all!

  • Brittany Y //11 Nov 2015

    Thanks! These are all great tips. I appreciate you for sharing, as a blogger I think these tips will help me a lot because I use wordpress

  • Lisa //11 Nov 2015

    Wow there are a lot of things to consider when using that platform

  • ranesha //12 Nov 2015

    Great tips things I never thought of a lot to consider.