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in Career - 24 May, 2016
by Karen R. Robinson - no comments
The Benefits and Importance of Online Education System

Technological development has resulted in radical changes in our modern society and the changes can be seen almost all fields. The field of education has also witnessed a lot of changes due to the technological growth. Online education system is an outcome of modern technological growth. In the present day, more and more schools, colleges […]

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in Social Media - 27 Mar, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - no comments
Social Networking Safety

Social Networking safety is very important for users. Today I’ve got a message from my Facebook friend who is a well-known writer. He requested me to give him money and also told that he is in danger. I didn’t believe his message and called him over the phone. He told me that, he didn’t login […]

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in Career - 16 Mar, 2016
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Online Career

Online career is now becoming the first choice by youngsters. It’s easy to build a strong future by working online. Getting freedom of working time and place are the main advantages of it. This post is dedicated to those people, who want to build their future online. Bellow, there are 10 facts to become successful […]

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in Online marketing - 19 Feb, 2016
by Alex Omelchenko - one comment
Content Marketing Featured Image

Today, when 90% of the marketers are almost obsessed with creating quality content and building content marketing strategies, it has become vital to know some really basic notions for those who are still at the beginning on his or her way to success. Content marketing is sometimes contrasted to direct advertizing because of it nature […]

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in Social Media - 09 Feb, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - one comment
Best of Twitter Tools

Twitter takes a massive role in online marketing. Use the best twitter tools to manage your twitter account. It can take you to the next level in social media marketing(SMM). Many tools are really waiting to manage your account for better business. You Might also Like: Facebook Fan Page: Increase Likes, Traffic and Money There […]

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in Blogging - 06 Feb, 2016
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A list on how to write a guest post

Writing a guest post may be super easy. But it’s not too much easy now to write a guest post after Google Penguin updates. Google webspam team’s head Matt Cutts tells the story. Guest blogging is one of the main sources of traffic to your website. But it’s not the place to do spamming. Most […]

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in Technology - 05 Feb, 2016
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Alphabet is a new king in the business world

There is a new king in the business world, Alphabet, parent of Google. Alphabet overtakes Apple and gets the market value of the world largest company. Larry Page and Sergey Brin open this company on October 2, last year. Google is also founded by them on 4th September 1998. Google: The multinational technology company from […]

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in Social Media - 02 Feb, 2016
by Quamarul Islam Manna - 3 comments
WhatsApp for Business

In the year of 2013, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. Now this powerful instant messaging app is getting 1 billion active users per month. This is huge and the number is growing every month. So, there is a golden opportunity to use WhatsApp for business. This awesome service is good for local business mainly […]

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in Social Media - 31 Jan, 2016
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Facebook Live Streaming Analysis

Facebook, the leading social network finally brings live streaming to everyone. Last year, Facebook runs an experiment this feature within the United States. But now it is available for iOS users widely from Thursday. You Might also Like: Facebook Fan Page: Increase Likes, Traffic and Money Vadim Lavrusik, a product manager of Facebook said that […]

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in Online marketing - 28 Jan, 2016
by Ashikur Rahman Abir - no comments
Marketing Methods of 2016

2015 has already gone. This is a new year, new methods for marketing your business. Read out the entire post to know about top marketing methods of 2016. Let’s start – Newspaper Advertisements: Newspaper Advertisement can boost your local sells. If you have an offline business, this method will help you lot. You can also […]

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